We are here to help our customer, to address their pain points with our right solutions both Hardware & Software. Our goal is to see customer's problem being sorted out. With our right solutions proposed, customer will feel at peace without any risk.



Our project implementers are not only certified on world top technologies, but also have real hands-on experiences and keep improving their professional skills. Our mission is to completed project successfully and professionally, to gain customer's trusts and to them happy and satisfied with what they spend for.



Campura Triangulum Corporation shall provide to you which the service level commitment for the equipment under maintenance service contract with us. We will identify the Eligible equipment, the service that apply to you and will also identify the specified location at which the service will be provided. A specified location may be your entire information processing environment, or a portion there of, which may be resident at multiple sites or single building. We will have you to maintenance your eligible equipment at the latest recommended technical level, Four time for year:

We will:

1. Check the machine  for determine the needed updated;

2. Verify the functioning inventory of inside each machine;

3. Provide advice and guidance on potential problem and solution;

4. Clean the areas of dust and dirtiness;

5. Remove any obsolete system object.