Driven by a strong interest to close the wide gaps between customers’ expectations and the service delivery that is always the cases for most of the early technology service providers in Cambodia. Kamprama Corporation, the brand of which is known as Campura, has been conceived of in 2007 as a system integrator by a group of people with extensive experiences in the field but with a different mind-set oriented toward customer’s value proposition realization.

From then, the company has grown in both market share and reputations for being straightforward in services delivery. Within a short span of time, we become one of the leading system integration companies in the country. The company now has more than 150 people, all of which are trained toward one goal: earning customer’s trust by being the best in class in term of service delivery on a sustained basis. Our technical people are proven and duly certified by key vendors.

We have partnered with the world’s renowned top technology providers such as Microsoft, HPE, EMC, VMware, IBM, Cisco, VeriFone, Oracle, Ingenico, Neptune, Alcatel-Lucent, INFOR, RAD, VocalTec, RADWIN, Comarcom, Datacard, Sage 300, Gurango plus certain other business applications targeting specific industries. We’re Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Cisco Premier Partner. In 2009, we won three awards from Microsoft, Best Competency Partner twice in a row and the 1st prize winner of the Microsoft Sales Force Challenges.

A snapshot of our technical expertise shows that we have one MCSE engineers, 20+ CCNA engineers, 20+CCDA engineers, 5 CSE staffs, 3 MCSA system engineers and 20 MCP holders. On top of this, our engineers are also certified by ComScope, ECI, VocalTec, Alcatel-Lucent, EMC and Ingenico.

Our product and service offerings cover desktops, servers, printers, UPS, storage, ATM, POS, backup, DR, structured cabling, router, switches, modem, PABX, PTP or PTM or MTM connectivity and business applications general and specific industry such windows systems, mail servers, accounting system, HRM, CRM, ERP, Hotel & Restaurant System, Casino System, Core banking, Telco system,Technical teaching equipment for education, Healthcare system, E-Clearance (JIT), and Stock Exchange System.

Our customers are banking industry, MFI, Telco, Hospitality, distribution, MNC, manufacturing, NGOs and public sectors.


We have partnered with the world’s renowned top technology providers such as Microsoft, EMC, VMware, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Alcatel-Lucent, INFOR, RAD, RADWIN, Datacard,HPE, plus certain business applications targeting specific industries.


“To harness and render first rate technology products and services that will alleviate customers’ problems, help realize their full potential and make ready for their future”


“To earn customer’s trust one at a time by being the best in class in term of service delivery quality on a sustained basis”


"Valid with fun"

We promise to every customer that their business with us will be one that is valid with fun. In other words, we mean to tell them that we don't take any business opportunity, big or small, lightly. We intend to deliver our unique services with a notion that customer's money is spent and well worth for the returned values in such a lively, satisfactory and special way.

This is not a small job. We all know that. It's in fact a tall order. Nevertheless, we don't just see it as a necessity for this type of business, nor a competitive advantage to win over our competitors but we see it as something we are so passionate about and adopted it as our essential living expression of our brand.


Our core focus is enterprise system integration for multinational companies, banks, telecom operators, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and government.


Campura Corporation will be the prime supplier that will provide the Microsoft office 2007 licenses with the professional responsibility and support for a whole project and license period following the contract with Acleda Bank Plc.


A special project implementation team headed by a qualified engineer will be formed to take full charges of the project planning, coordination and execution and ensure that no lapse of communication will hinder the implementing process.


  • 30-Dec-2010: Microsoft Best Competency Partner
  • 30-Dec-2010: Microsoft Partner Sales Force Challenge 2nd Prize
  • 30-Dec-2010: Best Salesmanship Partner
  • 15-May-2010: Oracle Gold Partner
  • 02-April-2010: Microsoft Best Competency Partner
  • 02-April-2010: Microsoft Partner Sales Force Challenge Second Prize
  • 01-March-2010: Cisco Premier Certified Partner
  • 01-January-2010: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 24-December-2009: 1st Prize Winner of Microsoft Sales Force Challenges
  • 24-December-2009: Microsoft Best Competency Partner
  • 29-September-2009: Microsoft Best Competency Partner


Currently, Campura Corporation has two service center offices: one in Phnom Penh and the other is in Siem Reap. In the near future, we will also plan to open our office in Sihanouk ville to cater to our customers there.